The journal was founded in 2005 and had 16 issues by 2013. In that first stage its full name was Letras de Batalla. Journal of literature and cinema of the Universitat Abat Oliba CEU. In this new stage it has been decided to partially change the title of the journal to: Letras de Batalla. Current Academic Debate. This change is due to the desire to open the journal to all areas of knowledge present in our University.

The new stage of the journal has already published two issues, in 2017 (issue 17) and 2019 (issue 18), which you can read here.

The name Letras de Batalla was chosen by the students to refer to the battle to safeguard the written word, since, in its origin, the expression goes back to the traditional procedure between knights who challenged each other in a duel: when one wanted to challenge another, he would hand him a battle letter.

The journal develops its activity in collaboration with the TRIVIUM group and all professors, students and administrative and service staff of the University are invited to collaborate.

We are sure that this initiative can be an interesting way of initiating an enriching academic debate of a transversal and open nature for those students who have the ambition to go beyond the compulsory teaching activity, as well as for those teachers and non-teaching staff who wish to share their reflections, thus contributing to the consolidation and development of our university community.

We wish you a pleasant reading and encourage you to contribute to the next issue.